Adidas’s ill-fated venture into the world of crochet wear in 1974 remains a legendary misstep. The Adidas Prochet line, touted as Men’s Active Crochet Wear, quickly became synonymous with discomfort and calamity. Sporting garments made from a peculiarly unbreathable yarn, athletes soon discovered that the fashionable facade came at a high cost. The hot and stifling nature of the material led to intensive sweating, dehydration, and alarming reports of athletes fainting on the field. Despite its brief existence, the Prochet line managed to create lasting memories, not for its performance, but for the boldness of its catalog ads that captured the essence of an era when fashion experimentation occasionally overtook practicality. The line’s demise within a year may have been swift, but its legacy endures as a cautionary tale in the intersection of fashion and functionality.