Spaghetti Rom-coms & Sci-fis

Before Clint Eastwood became synonymous with the rugged, stoic cowboy in the Italian and Spanish-made “Spaghetti Westerns,” his career embarked on a less-traveled path. Surprisingly, Eastwood initially found himself in lesser-known late-50s and early-60s “Spaghetti Rom-coms” and “Spaghetti Sci-fis.” These genres were coined due to the enormous amount of spaghetti used in the movies, a nod to their Italian origins. However, it wasn’t until Eastwood starred in 1964’s “A Fistful of Dollars” that he realized he had found his true niche. With this film, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of Westerns, forever cementing his place in cinematic history as the epitome of the rugged, enigmatic cowboy.