The Soul Strikes Back

The 1978 Blaxploitation sensation, “The Soul Strikes Back,” emerged as a triumphant sequel to the 1974 cult classic “Soul Wars.” Boasting a larger budget, the film reintroduced beloved characters such as Lukovis Moonwalker, Princess Leilasha, Darf Vadorius and Hontel Frolo. Additionally, it unveiled intriguing new personalities like Rando Caucasian and Bloba the Butt. While the sequel dialed down the colorful language that defined its predecessor, it made cinematic history by pushing boundaries with explicit scenes, particularly the steamy encounters between Hontel and Leilasha, making the film industry create the NC-17 rating for future movies. The impact was such that even George Lucas felt compelled to create a Star Wars sequel with a budget capable of overshadowing the legacy of this cinematic masterpiece.