In 2018, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer took an unexpected foray into the world of fashion with its peculiar creation, Pfizer Pfashion. This unconventional venture, marked by its high prices and avant-garde designs, raised more than a few eyebrows in the fashion industry. Ironically, the release of this eccentric line occurred two years prior to the global pandemic, and at the time, it seemed more like a satirical commentary than a serious endeavor. The public response was lukewarm, with many dismissing it as an elaborate joke. However, in an unexpected turn of events in 2020, the Pfashion line experienced a surprising surge in sales, surpassing a million units. As quickly as it gained popularity, the tide turned against it, as people began to realize the absurdity of the outfits and questioned the motives behind Pfizer’s venture into fashion. Eventually, the once-talked-about Pfizer Pfashion line faded into obscurity, leaving behind a legacy of curious sartorial choices and the profits it generated.